The beauty of Your message inspired me to write the following in homage to Your Greatness, Your Kindness, Your Ultimate Perfection. Totally created and inspired by Ms. Helena.

As She casually opens Her long, flowing trench coat, the inner lining reveals itself as if to peel away layers of my past existence to what my future shall become. Handcuffs, although not applied in the physical sense, have already taken possession of my hands, my soul, my heart. A single tail whip has not as of yet reached out to touch my flesh; has my body praying to experience Her creativity as Master Artist upon untouched canvas. Stainless Steel nipple clamps, without any rubber sheath of protection have me awaiting the moment when She decides to take physical control while mercilessly pulling Her new possession towards Her. Protected needles, have not as of yet pierced through my skin, rotate between Goddess’ beautifully manicured finger tips. Her eyes, so captivate my mind, read each and every thought which are now Hers to be shaped to Her specifications. As i look further i see Her taser, currently holstered has now been turned on as She slowly looks towards me while moving the top of Her tongue slowly upon the bottoms of Her beautiful, flawless, top row of white teeth. An electric moment possibly awaits from an Angelic, but perhaps Most Beautiful and Sadistic Goddess placed upon this planet. i am completely taken, totally helpless, and wish to be no other place in the world but here. She knows my life shall never, ever be the same again. my submissive self, already upon bended knee, buckles slightly as She gazes into my soul. i fall helplessly to Her feet, a place i pray i shall forever worship. my fate, my life is all about Her. Goddess already knows more about my future than i could ever know about my past.