Goddess instructed that I write about a recent experience W/we shared: She
kept me in chastity for 100 days.

A bit of background is in order. Not long after I began my service to Ms.
Helena, W/we both began referring to the member attached to my body as “Ms.
Helena’s cock.” At the start, it was symbolic. It meant that my sexual
thoughts are always of Her, that She can manipulate my sexuality at will.
And that remains true today.

But the symbol was not enough. Goddess wanted the possessive to be real.
She wanted to own it. So, She imposed two rules: (1) I will never come
unless it is in Her physical presence; and (2) the duration of the first
period of chastity going forward would be 100 days. Those rules were
imposed on November 19 of 2013. The 100 days ended on February 27 of 2014.

I have experienced chastity in doses. A week here. Two weeks there. But a
nearly three and a half month period? This was new to me. I’ll address the
experience by separating it between the physical and the mental.

Physically, prolonged chastity is hard (pun intended!). The phenomenon of
“blueballs” occurs frequently and seemingly at random. The cock hardens and
drips with very little provocation and becomes more sensitive as the days
and weeks and months progress. Thoughts that used to provide minor
titillation now become exhilarating. Lust conquers all. That would all be
true if I was imposing chastity on myself. But it is compounded by
interactions with Goddess, who was hellbent on teasing and denying me
multiple times each week. Essentially, She had Her cock bending, hardening,
and dripping to Her will. And it only became more intense as time went on.

Mentally, prolonged chastity is euphoric. “Goddess’s cock” is no longer a
symbol. She controls it and exercised that control by denying me the
ability to come for a long, long time. That thought ran through my mind for
100 days. The result was complete submission. I was Goddess’s owned
property. The idea of merely having a bdsm fantasy with Goddess, or of
doing “sessions” or “playing” became ludicrous. There was nothing
fantastical about this. It was real. It is real. Goddess owns me.

I imagine the next question may be: what happened on the 100th day? A
gentleman never tells. Suffice it to say that Goddess was gracious enough
to end the chastity period, and that I was made to drink the results.
Goddess smiled wide and told me I did well. That made the experience worth
it a hundred times over.

I am now in my third day of a new chastity period that has no definitive
ending. I don’t think about it much, because it now a concern for Goddess.
After all, it is Her cock.