At the time of my last posting, I had just completed a period of 100 days in chastity, at the direction of Ms. Helena. At that time, it was evident that I belonged completely to Goddess: mind, body and soul. The next step was to document Goddess’s ownership of me — to put my status as a slave on display, to physically manifest the control She has over me. A collaring ceremony. Goddess told me I was to get a tattoo of a symbol of Her choosing.

Last week, I got the tattoo. The tattoo artist would ask questions about body placement and size and color and I deferred to Ms. Helena in each case. This was Her imprint on Her property.


During the procedure, Goddess was by my side, grinning from ear to ear. I think I understand why She was so happy. In these blog posts, I have explored various states of submission. It’s one thing to express devotion in the context of mutually pleasurable D/s experiences. It’s quite another to yield control of your body to another person for long periods of time. And it’s still yet another experience to feel your mind bending to the will of another, to become an instrument, and yes, a slave, for another person. And here, with this tattoo, I was able to express to Ms. Helena that I was Hers — not in a superficial or temporary way. I was Hers, because I am a vessel for Her desires, a canvas for Her to create, a toy for Her pleasure, an enduring, lovesick puppy that will follow Her to the end of the Earth.