After completing my “Alice In Wonderland” assignment, I realized that there are many things that can resemble the relationship between me and my Superior Goddess. I could be a lot like Alice in some ways. Goddess Helena could be somewhat like the Dodo Bird. And of course falling down the rabbit hole for Goddess and the trouble Alice has trying to get back home are all similar.

To start I will begin with my similarity to Alice. She says several times that she doesn’t know who she is, as if she doesn’t have an identity. That is true with me because ever since I decided to enter Goddess Helena’s world at her feet I don’t have a real identity anymore. I am simply nothing more than an object and an asset for my Goddess. I am only here to be used by her as she desires.

Goddess Helena is the Dodo Bird because he is able to manipulate people. I could say Goddess is the Queen because Goddess is all powerful just like the Queen, however, Goddess Helena doesn’t yell and scream. This is because Goddess doesn’t need to. Goddess knows how to crawl into her slaves brains and she sits there and her slaves commit her will. There was a part where the Dodo Bird was able to just get the Rabbit to agree to burning down his house even though he didn’t want to. This symbolizes me, as the Rabbit, giving up everything for Goddess.

Next is the falling down the rabbit hole for Goddess. Just like it has done for Alice, everything has been turned upside down for me. Alice entered a new world as I have entered Goddess Helena’s world. And just like with Alice, it seems as if there is no way out. I have quickly become addicted to Goddess Helena and I don’t believe there is any way to escape her grasp. In the movie just as Alice found a path she thought would lead her home, she found that the path was being swept away. This is because there is simply no way to escape from Goddess Helena. She owns me now.”