When i first met Goddess Jaded, She was just an 19 yo girl. i was an established professional in my medical residency. i had grown up as a successful athlete and then decided to go to medical school. i was ultra confident in everything i did. When it came to girls i was supremely confident and never felt anyone was out of reach. Some probably saw me as arrogant. Cocky possibly but i have always been grounded in reality. i stumbled across Goddess back in AOL im days. Messaged with Her and had some interesting interactions (vanilla). Then i came to find out She lived just around the corner from me. Looking back on it , i did sense Her superiority from the beginning but did not realize what i was sensing. All i knew is that i was pretty drawn to and impressed by this gorgeous (but very young / inexperienced) girl.

She told me from the beginning that She would want to dominate me and put me in panties. i want anyone who reads this to know that i NEVER had thoughts of or desires to put on girls clothes , every. When She told me that it was a joke to me and i saw zero threat in it. This 19 yo girl thinks She can do that to me? i just knew i wanted to meet Her. So we did. i still remember seeing Her for the first time. Something happened to me immediately when i was in Her presence. i had never felt that way before. i didn’t understand but i knew She had an “effect” on me. i can write more about what happened in between but suffice to say within weeks i found myself wearing panties. Shortly thereafter i found myself in panties in front of Her friend while i cleaned Her apartment. Never in my life had i been humiliated like that. i was confused. Stunned. Overwhelmed.

my subjugation to Her progressed until i completed residency and moved away months later. Over years of being geographically separated , i have never gotten Her out of my mind. i tried time after time after time to be in Her life in some way that i felt i could “handle”. i tried to be Her boyfriend. i tried to be Her sub but not a sissy. i tried to be Her complete slave but not a complete sissy. i tried to be Her friend with an occasional D/s if / when She wanted it. She said no, time and time again. Time and time again She told me i will only be in Her life if i exactly what She wants 100%. Complete and utter submission. Actually become a girl and give up my perceived manhood and have Her in my life. Or hold onto it and not have Her in my life

For a decade i struggled with this. Become a girl? What would that be like? Could i even do that? Its impossible. i put it out of my mind time and time again. And time and time again i would keep longing for Her

More recently i came to Her to seriously discuss becoming a girl for Her. Her girl. And asked Her what that would entail exactly. In a second She laid it out in detail. This is your only way of being in my life. i would have to wear panties daily . i would have to wear a bra. i would have to go out in public in a dress, make up and heels. i could not believe what i was reading / hearing. Could i do all of THAT? i thought i had finally gotten to the point where i couldn’t take anymore and would just do it. Then there was more. And , She tells me, you will have to suck my dildo/ cock and you will have to suck a real guys cock in My presence……for Me . To show me. You will have to be 100% obedient to Me in EVERY way.

If you are reading this please understand I have NEVER thought of being with a man in ANY way. I have no issue with that etc but this was not some fantasy of mine I had been holding onto. I did not hope to be wearing a bra. Nothing , and i mean NOTHING could be more humiliating , debasing and utterly identity challenging for me. i was so desperate i told Her i would try to do all of those things for Her. i sucked a dildo on cam for Her to show Her i was serious. i have been struggling like crazy with this for this time. Struggling with my male ego. Struggling. She has been unwavering.

Now i sit here finally embracing my submission to Her. i am ready to become a girl for Her or become whatever She wants. She has a long term boyfriend and so i would of course be a complete cuckold as well. i cannot resist her ….it simply is futile. i am desperate for Her. i will do anything for Her. i have spent days now sending Her pictures in my thong panties and making them look exactly how She wants. Taking them and retaking them to Her liking . i will wear a dress and heels in public for Her if She wants me to. i will suck Her cock or someone else for Her. Or if She decides She wants me to do something else , i will. i will complete my transformation from a macho / cocky guys guy to a complete girl for Her and because of Her. Or if She decides on something else tomorrow i will be that. i cannot fight it anymore. Giving in to Her has brought me relief.

– dr.sissy